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Air Conditioners, Geothermal Heat Pumps, and More!

Keep your air consistent and circulating. At Ultra Air Conditioning, we install air conditioners, heat pumps, ventilation systems, and geothermal heat pumps. Throughout Moncton, Southeastern New Brunswick, and all of PEI, we provide comprehensive, friendly, and professional service. Along with installation, we offer maintenance and repair for all major brands. Our knowledgeable technicians will help you decide on the right unit and service to meet your needs.

Our systems include:
• Heating • Air conditioning • Ventilation


Geothermal Heat Pumps

Despite the weather conditions outside, beneath our feet, the temperature within the ground remains relatively constant. During the winter, geothermal pumps use the earth’s energy to heat your home. When it gets hot, the system reverses and cools the air to keep the indoors cold and humid-free. Say goodbye to oil and gas and hello to a more efficient geothermal system.


Renovating or Building Quote

Get an estimate on our HVAC products and services

Heat Pump Cleaning

Call today for information on heat pump cleaning and maintenance

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Improve the air you breathe with our range of:
• Humidifiers/dehumidifiers
• Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs)
• Air purification, filtration and germicidal light units

Extended Warranties

We offer extended warranties on heat pumps of any brand, up to 7 years old. We are also a qualified service provider for most extended warranties. Give us a call or come and see us for more information on our complete HVAC services.

Save Money on Comfort Solutions

Get the best home comfort system for your home within your budget!

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